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I have started this puppy's life on the right path. 

It will now be your responsibility to continue this care and attention to your "bully's" health and well-being.  Together you will share in a quality life and friendship together.

To be a responsible owner you should get Pet Insurance to insure that your dog can get adequate health care when needed.

Embrace Pet Insurance

You have paid a lot for your puppy and he is going to be a part of the family, so make sure they are covered for their health. You are now the responsible owner.  I have provided excellent prenatal care and puppy care the first 8 to 9 weeks of their life. Be Responsible !!

Below are some of my suggestions when you arrive home with you new baby bully.

  • Introduce your puppy to immediate family but try to keep guests to a minimum so your puppy is not confused about who to bond with.
  • Keep things slow and simple to help minimize confusion for your puppy.
  • Do not take your new puppy out and about for at least the first week.  Let the puppy settle in to his/her new surroundings. (Exception: Your pups vet visit.) 
  • When you do go to the Vet be sure to take along the vaccination record that is provided for you.   Pay close attention to the dates of the pups' last vaccination. I will not take responsibility for sickness if you over vaccinate the pup.  Read the AKC article on Titer Testing and the side effects of over vaccinating. It will be enclosed in your puppy packet you receive with the puppy.
  •  Give your puppy distilled water and gradually add your tap water until he/she gets accustomed to your water.
  • Your puppy will require lots of rest time as he/she is a growing baby.  Schedule rest times, do not wait until your puppy is worn out.
  • Keep puppy free of drafty environments.  Be mindful of the temperature and keep it set at a comfortable setting.
  • Your bulldog puppy is just a baby and will need much attention.  Lovey-dovey cuddling, lots of rest and the best puppy food are the key ingredients you can provide.
  • Acclimate you puppy very slowly.  This is a major life change for your puppy.  You will want to mold him/her to fit your lifestyle.
  • Let him/her explore and check out his new surroundings but always supervise.
  • We feed Purina Puppy products.  Use the same food or gradually change his/her diet if you wish to feed a different brand.
  • In some areas, vet care can be very expensive.  Pet health insurance is a great value and well worth having when the unexpected happens.  But hopefully it won't.
  • Many pet insurances have wellness plans available.  Shop around on the internet for a plan to suit your needs.  Try www.petinsurance.com
  • Register your AKC puppy and receive a 60 day trial insurance plan.  For more information go to www.akcphp.com
  • Help control the unwanted pet population and protect your pet's health further by having them spayed or neutered.  Leave breeding to the professionals who dedicate their lives to the betterment of the breed.
Caution:    WEATHER!!!  Outside or inside.  I cannot stress how important this is.  Canines pant to regulate their internal body temperature.  Whether over exercise or over excitement, be aware of your dog's comfort level.  A bulldog has a longer recuperation time to overcome this kind of stress.  Bulldogs depend on people to guard their breathing abilities and environments.  Always be observant of your bulldog when they are outside.  Watch the weather and know what the day is going to be like, especially if you have to be away from home. 


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