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 My husband and I have raised dogs since 1972, together with our girls until they went on to their own vocations. We specialized in two breeds; thirty years raising highly specialized performance dogs our beloved greyhounds and after getting our first bulldog 22 years ago, we fell in love with the breed. My husband and I retired from raising and training greyhounds in 2000 when we moved to SE Kansas to build a place for us and our Bulldogs to live in comfort. We are semi-retired now, specializing all of our time, knowledge and care into raising our bulldogs. With the help of my husband I spend every day and all day taking care of my beloved bulldogs. My whole life from 4-H dog projects to raising and teaching my daughters to care and take loving responsibility to God’s creatures and fellow man to my semi-retirement and my commitment to my bulldog friends.
We’ve handled all aspects of breeding from managing other peoples stud dogs and having been a custom Canine Cyrogenetics Company to breeding Greyhounds. Our dogs needed and got the very best feed, care and love, with participation of the whole family they were the epitome of health, vitality and happiness. Then along came Bulldogs, the complete opposite in conformation and they have an instinct…..to love you. Bulldogs have a personality characteristic no other breed has and I’ve applied the intensive care, feeding program and the importance of a breeding program. With my 34 years of experience of giving dogs’ health and long life, I pass this on to give people the specialized care and start in the life of your new bulldog puppy for many, many years to come.

48 years experience….. We know dogs.
It is my pleasure to make you happy.
It is also my dedication to provide a puppy with longevity



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